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On weekdays, your clue to scheduled church activities is the status of the Green County Schools. If schools are closed all day due to weather, the church is closed as well including evening events. In the event bad weather comes after school lets out, one must use their own judgment, but the prudent thing to do is stay home.


Regarding funerals, consult the funeral home as to whether or not a funeral at the church has been postponed.


Please remember:  Our church family lives in multiple locations and road conditions can vary greatly.  Sometimes neighboring counties will close their schools when Green does not. Keep your local road conditions in mind as we do not want you to take an unnecessary risk driving or walking when conditions are slippery. Even though the roads to the church may be clear, we cannot guarantee our parking lot will be and our steps and sidewalks may be slippery. Exercise caution.


Regarding whether or not we have cancelled Sunday services or other weekend events and programs, please consult this website. A green traffic light in the header means church is open and events will occur.  A red light means activities have been cancelled.  Please put your personal safety above all else.


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