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II’m New Here


Knowing what to expect when you visit a worship service for the first time can relieve anxiety and help you focus on whether the Spirit is calling you to a new place.  When you visit Ebenezer for the first time, here are some helpful things to know.


Parking: Park in our front or back parking lots wherever you see a spot!  Feel free to park on the lawn if things are full.



Clothing: People wear what makes them comfortable at Ebenezer.  If you like to dress up for church, there will be lots of people doing that.  If you like to wear jeans or casual clothes to church, there will also be people doing that.  



Where to go: Enter the sanctuary at the door nearest the bell and church sign.  Someone will greet you as you come in and offer you a bulletin to guide you through the service. Have a seat anywhere you like in the pews in the sanctuary.



What happens: The pastor guides us through the service, letting us know when to sit or stand.  Most of the prayers said aloud together will be printed in the bulletin. The hymnal pages will be given for songs and creeds.



Music: We worship God through traditional music, including classical pieces on the piano and organ.  We sing hymns from a hymnal or songbook that is available in every seat.



Meet and greet: There will be a time to greet your neighbor during the “welcome” portion of the worship service.  You can move around during this time and say "Hi" to others or stay in your place. 



Children’s Time: If you have kids in middle school or younger, they are invited to come forward for a special time with the pastor during the worship service.  If your kids are shy, feel free to come forward with them and sit on the pew with the children.  If your kids prefer to observe this time from their seats until they feel comfortable, that’s fine, too.



Offering: We collect an offering every week for the work of God at Ebenezer and in our community.  As a visitor, you are invited to let the plate pass you by and know that your presence today is offering enough.



Coffee time: After worship, we move into the Fellowship Hall (through the doors at the front of the sanctuary) for coffee and cookies.  If you need a restroom, there is one located to the right in the vestibule as you enter the sanctuary.  There are also Men’s and Women’s rooms just off the Fellowship Hall, to your left as you enter the Hall from the sanctuary. 



Sunday school: Sunday school for all ages follows the coffee time.  Ask the pastor or any other friendly face about the classes and they can help direct you to one that meets your and/or your family’s needs.  Many classes meet in the basement, but some of our older adult classes meet upstairs.


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