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Welcome to Ebenezer Presbyterian Church!  We are a family church in every sense of the word. We are family because several generations of some families worship here.  We are family because we look after each other in good times and in bad. We are family because God has knitted us together in Jesus Christ. 


Our family values the Greensburg community and we give our time and resources to local needs. We study the Bible carefully and ask thoughtful questions about faith. Children here are nurtured in worship, Sunday school and youth programs and are constantly taught about the love of God for them.  




Like any family, ours also grows and changes.  We would love to welcome you to worship on Sundays at 9 am CDT!  We will learn your name right away and be with you in whatever joys and challenges you are facing and maybe one day, we will be blessed to add your branch to our family tree.


Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Greensburg
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